Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Outdoor Retailer Show 2009

Another Winter Outdoor notch to add to my belt. This one was a tad bit slower and smaller than the ones in the past. But it was still a nice show overall. I had my usual 15 or so appointments to meet with clients from around my territory. I ran into the usualy suspects that inhabit the Salt Palace during these four outdoor gear filled days. Its interesting how I only see certain people at these shows. The industry is a beautiful one though. I've dedicated over 10 years of my life to various outdoor jobs. I was a manufacturer at Black Diamond for a year. I ran Rockreation, a local climbing gym for a couple of years, including setting gym routes and boulder problems. I worked 6 years at a local gear shop called Recreation Outlet. And now as of lately, I have earned myself almost 2 years at Liberty Mountain. So I've done it all from making the gear, selling the gear, buying the gear (for myself and companies) and repping the gear.

The OR show is always a load of fun. My son and beautiful fiance were able to come and enjoy a few parts of the days. I was able to drink a few brews.
I added pictures of me and Davynn.

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