Monday, February 16, 2009

Fetal Progress

Everything is going great on the unborn front. Rachel is healthy, though the third trimester rarely treats a woman nicely. :) But she is being a trooper about it. We are looking at a late April - early May type birth. Which makes for not so much times to get completely ready, but we're working on that. One part of the transition that will be interesting, is the fact that Davynn gets a new baby sister. He's kinda the spot-lighted head-of-the-show type (in a good way though) So, he might take the baby as a bad addition to the show. (Like the red-head on Different Strokes) I'm not worried about major sibling rivalry or anything, but he might feel as though our attentions have changed focus. I will be trying my best to include him in everything, and be very attentive to his wants and needs. It may strengthen our bond, since mom will be boobing it up with the lil one. Of course I'll want to feed the baby too, though not in the same beautiful manner as my woman. It will be a delicate balance for all three of us.

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