Monday, February 23, 2009

31 weeks and counting

So my babygirl has like 9 weeks or so to go. Her mother and her are putting the final touches on her skeleton and brain connections. Fetal growth is adding around a half pound a week...she should be around 3.5 lbs or so right now. Everything still looks great for both mama and unborn. We have been gathering all the baby's stuff she will need...crib, bedding, play pen, shelves, clothes, clothes, clothes, diapers, swing, bibs, diaper genie, clothes, nursing pillows, etc. Babies require a lot of stuff. Makes me curious as to what our way-back ancestors did for their babies. Like caveman style. Did they fashion swings and cribs? Did they have cloth diaper service? Bottles? I often wonder about what they did for everything. How well did they understand pregnancy? Pain medication? Diaper genies? Sure would be interesting to learn about that, if its a possibility.
I just found a book that I need to check out, "Caveman's Guide to Baby's First Year "
I'll review it if I get it.

Now we just need to agree on a name...we have some great ideas, but still have yet to decide. We stopped thinking that Mattis or Mattie was a good idea, but Rachel still seems to call her that when she is talking about her :) We will figure it out though just wait and see.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fetal Progress

Everything is going great on the unborn front. Rachel is healthy, though the third trimester rarely treats a woman nicely. :) But she is being a trooper about it. We are looking at a late April - early May type birth. Which makes for not so much times to get completely ready, but we're working on that. One part of the transition that will be interesting, is the fact that Davynn gets a new baby sister. He's kinda the spot-lighted head-of-the-show type (in a good way though) So, he might take the baby as a bad addition to the show. (Like the red-head on Different Strokes) I'm not worried about major sibling rivalry or anything, but he might feel as though our attentions have changed focus. I will be trying my best to include him in everything, and be very attentive to his wants and needs. It may strengthen our bond, since mom will be boobing it up with the lil one. Of course I'll want to feed the baby too, though not in the same beautiful manner as my woman. It will be a delicate balance for all three of us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nourishment - not for the weak at heart. Kinda Gross.

So I was thinking about the nourishment that my unborn baby is getting from her mom right now. Many of the food items that Rachel eats, will go to the baby's needs. So, then I was thinking about what about when she swallows my baby batter, the same stuff that makes the baby. The protein in that must go towards making the baby. Interesting to think about...then I was thinking about my girl's breast milk. When I drink that, it nourishes me, probably to make more baby batter. So that's kind of a recycling system. She nourishes me with milk that is made because of the baby inside her, I nourish her with the stuff that made the baby in the first place, the baby gets nourished. The same will go for when my baby is suckling, and the like. Any one else find this interesting, or am I just weird?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My dogs

So on January 28th, 2009, my two wonderful dogs, Kingston and Selassie turned the 11. They were born back in 1998, brother and sister, and I got them when I was 18. They have had such a great life. I moved out to San Diego when they were still puppies, so they got to live at the beach for a while. I took them hiking almost everyday until they were 6 or 7, and then still on lots of hikes. They got to see all of Utah. Camped hundreds of nights in the wilderness. Played in avalanches. Found skunks a fun adversary. Found out why porcupines are not food. So, they got to see lots. It doesn't seem like they are slowing down anytime soon either. Selassie, my female, used to be an avid rock scrambler and all-round bad ass bitch. Four or five years ago she had to have both of her knees replaced due to torn acl's. They did TPL surgery on both of her hind legs. Since then she has been a little more reserved, but still rough-houses with her big brother all the time. Kingston might be loosing his vision, but he's still okay.
I love them in amazing amounts, so I thought I'd write a quick blog about how cool they are.
Happy belated Birfdays guys!!!
Kingston is the big black boi.
Selassie is the lil black and white gyal.
Mash it up.

Winter Outdoor Retailer Show 2009

Another Winter Outdoor notch to add to my belt. This one was a tad bit slower and smaller than the ones in the past. But it was still a nice show overall. I had my usual 15 or so appointments to meet with clients from around my territory. I ran into the usualy suspects that inhabit the Salt Palace during these four outdoor gear filled days. Its interesting how I only see certain people at these shows. The industry is a beautiful one though. I've dedicated over 10 years of my life to various outdoor jobs. I was a manufacturer at Black Diamond for a year. I ran Rockreation, a local climbing gym for a couple of years, including setting gym routes and boulder problems. I worked 6 years at a local gear shop called Recreation Outlet. And now as of lately, I have earned myself almost 2 years at Liberty Mountain. So I've done it all from making the gear, selling the gear, buying the gear (for myself and companies) and repping the gear.

The OR show is always a load of fun. My son and beautiful fiance were able to come and enjoy a few parts of the days. I was able to drink a few brews.
I added pictures of me and Davynn.

Add you favorite Outdoor Retailer Show experience