Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nourishment - not for the weak at heart. Kinda Gross.

So I was thinking about the nourishment that my unborn baby is getting from her mom right now. Many of the food items that Rachel eats, will go to the baby's needs. So, then I was thinking about what about when she swallows my baby batter, the same stuff that makes the baby. The protein in that must go towards making the baby. Interesting to think about...then I was thinking about my girl's breast milk. When I drink that, it nourishes me, probably to make more baby batter. So that's kind of a recycling system. She nourishes me with milk that is made because of the baby inside her, I nourish her with the stuff that made the baby in the first place, the baby gets nourished. The same will go for when my baby is suckling, and the like. Any one else find this interesting, or am I just weird?

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