Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mistaken Glance

Mistaken Glance
Shawty checking style so I made advance
Stepped to her, but it seems that I mistook her glance
Eyes rolled up, showed me her back
Did not admit defeat, just strengthened my attack
“Hey Gorgeous, what are you about?”
“You don’t wanna be here, when my man comes out!”
Her smile indicated jokes and that she enjoyed my plan
Gave me her hand and I helped her stand.
Dark like a fresh cup of coffee no cream
Two sugars, so sweet, percolating my dream
Caffeinated melody, high octane supreme
Expression reaction made frothy with steam
Vision correct, now my interest provoked
The scene painted smooth
Knew it was the right groove
Brush strokes insisted that I made the right move
Before this rain starts pouring
Pull those out and start exploring
The reasons for that to get these in
Getting hott but your ears are freezin
Like the Queen and this be the hive with bees in
Soldier style, not worker, but I’ll work for you
Bring the honey to the pot, so it won’t hurt for you
Sting your most sensitive spot
The buzz from Patron is getting you got
Sweetest dark berry on the bush
Juicy flow jiggles round on the push
Eyes half mast, pounded on the Kush
Puffing light sugar trees, don’t tell, shush
It must be the ass
That’s got me all hot
You know what I mean
Cuz you’re clappin what you got
And don’t stop
Even if you did that ass wouldn’t
Let’s connect waistlines
Place my hands where I shouldn’t
Dominating dance floors seems like your pastime
Let’s get all Jamaican and begin a fast wine.
You put it in the air
Fly dress, flyness looking so debonaire.
Get in the place that cause jealousy
I could stay there all night, but let us see
Contentment all around, so this must be
The most beautiful place, you got to trust me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Replaced glass in some windows

I just wanted to let everyone know that I replaced glass in a few windows at my mother's place and I'm proud of myself. I knew now how to do such a thing before I started, but with a little help from an easy guide I found was a lot easier than expected. The only hard part of it was removing sheets of glass from an older window, rather than buying brand new sheets. But once I had them removed the rest was cake. Glazing a window is actually kind of fun.
Here is the site I used to help me, and I highly recommend it.


I just joined the Twitter ish...nothing interesting yet, but it looks like there's lots to discover.
I will tweet you sooo good!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Road Trippin in the Pacific Northwest

Flowing into Portland last Tuesday, began a work-related road trip of minor proportions through the Southwest chunk of Washington and a sliver of Oregon. Though minor, it was a great exploration of what Washington has to offer as well as a part of Oregon I've never had the wonder of experiencing. In fact the picture above is of myself loving the sun in Seaside, Oregon. Seaside is a tiny tourist town, which lies a half hour from Astoria on the coast. They have a surfing community and a really cool and large sandy beach. It was so nice to get my feet in the ocean was been since the last time I was in Oregon and hit the ocean up in Coos Bay.
So here's my town lineup:
Landed in Portland, Oregon...I could live on the outskirts of P-Town...the dirtiness of the city turns me off though. Overall its a great place though.
From there I went to The Dalles, Oregon. An interesting town with a strong older population being infiltrated by a youthful one. I ate at the Spud Cellar which was really good!
Then to Yakima, Washington, which I had a different idea of what kind of town this was. It seems like Central Washington has a bit of a redneck feel in some spots. Big ups to Pacific River & Alpine Sports, a great place to hit up if you need outdoor gear when you're in Yakima.
From Yakima, the road took me to Wenatchee, was hot up there! Stopped into a cool shop called Revolution Snow and Skate, which had a nice skatepark set up in the back.
Then it was on to Leavenworth, Washington. This town is at the mouth of the Cascade Mountains and was set up like a Bavarian Village to attract tourism, and I guess it worked because it was bustling.
From there I drove through Goldbar, Washington on my way to Bellevue. Goldbar is hardly noticed unless you need gas or something, but the mountainous terrain in the background is nice.
Bellevue, Washington is a large city connected to Seattle. The drivers there can be very rude, just like Seattle. Overall, I'd stay away from this place, unless I go back for more business. I'm not a fan of big cities anymore. Even though I reside in Salt Lake still :)
From Bellevue, came Olympia, Washington. Olympia is a really cool keeps a small-city feel. Check The Alpine Experience for gear out there...a sweet shop!
Then I got the treat of driving to Astoria, Oregon. What a beautiful drive!! I highly suggest driving on Highway 101, whenever and wherever you can. I <3 the ocean so much. And driving into Astoria across the long bridge is awesome. Astoria has a really nice feel...this is a town I could move to, though I hear that I came during the best month. From September to June is supposed to be overcast...don't know if I could handle that.
The Goonies was filmed in and around this that movie big time!
Then, as I mentioned before I hit up Seaside, Oregon.
And then I made my final length of road back towards Portland. I had a wonderful meal at the Tin Shed with some friends. I highly recommend that place for some delicious grub!!
I flew home a few days after arriving in Portland and my adventure was completed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dreads is gone.

well it happened...I got the courage up enough to let wifey chop the dreads off. Wow, almost 6 years of loving those things is gone and I don't miss em' too much. Though I feel a little less cool and way more ordinary, but its all G. I don't know what to do with the dreads, so for now they are just chilling...I should try to make some kind of wall hanging dealy. :) My boss suggested a beaded curtain of sorts. I haven't had short hair since like 1999, so I have no clue what to do with it...mostly I just let it go crazy. And now I begin the long journey onto my third set. I've heard that your third set of dreads is the best, since you figure out all the common mistakes. One major mistake, that led to their demise, was that I chopped all the fly aways and loosies. and that led to thick bottoms and thin tops. Next time I won't make that mistake.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hunting with sharks as helpers

So I began a career hunting underwater with my hunting sharks.
We catch squids mostly and let them go...its just for sport, and I think the squids like it.
We also catch mermaids, tuna, and mad plankton.
Anyone who'd like to join, should strap on their wet suits and kick it with me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My baby girl is a Velociraptor

I’m beginning to think that my baby girl is part velociraptor. She makes noises and claws the air just like a raptor baby would do. Like when she’s nursing or sucking on the pacifier, she makes grunty dinosaur noises that make me wonder. I half expect her to get on her hinds legs and tuck her arms up and run around cackling at everything that moves. Perhaps when she can walk…anyways, I just thought I should put that out there. Anyone else have a raptor baby?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liberty Mountain

I wanted to throw up my current employer, Liberty Mountain, for being such a great company to work for, especially when times is hard. The industry is keeping steady, and people must be in the outdoors more cuz bizness is sweet. That might be a bad thing, for more bodies are taking up trail space, but its all good as long as people are being respectful.
Check out and . on the pro site you can see a cool pic of me climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Props to the owner Gary Heward for being a standup guy and running a good show!

Louis Logic

Last night I had the chance to see one of the underrated Emcees around right now, Louis Logic. Though the crowd was tiny, he seemed into the show and his style and rhymes were amazing. I'm a big fan of the dude, so I hope he keeps rock rockin it.
check out to hear some of his music and what not. Big ups Logic!! aka the Drunken Dragon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The lil one arrives

So she did it! She finally arrived on Friday April the 24th at 8:53 pm. She's a taurus. Born at 6lbs 11 oz, with almost 20 inches in length. I am so excited and amazed and thrilled and emotional and I could use every positive word in the world to describe the experience. Watching her emerge from the birth path was just incredible. And she came out sunny side up as they call it, or posterior. Momma went all natural too. Which she is very empowered by and for good reason. She followed in the footsteps of every woman in the history of mankind that gave birth before the days of medication or the rare ones nowadays that are brave enough to try. So amazing!
We call her Dru. Unles we decide to change it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Patiently Waiting

The anticipation is killing me…where is she . I’m referring to my unborn. Though her due date is April 30th, 2009, she has dropped down in the birth path, and her mother is dilated to about a 2 now. She keeps thinking that it could be any second. I’m thinking it will be this Saturday…but really, who knows. Our little baby could hold up until she’s at 40 weeks, for all I know. Oh and I believe we finally decided on a name…but I won’t actually write it in until it’s a final.
Ahh…well all I can do is wait now.
Tick Tick baby…something big is supposed to happen around the 19th of April, 2009, according to Terrence McKenna’s Novelty or Time-Wave Zero theory. I’m thinking that its my baby. My dad’s wife still has yet to deliver her baby too. My half-sibling that is. So perhaps my girl and her are going to synchronize their labor…even though they have never met before…they still have similar genetics in their wombs. If they both show up on the 19th, then I will believe that Terrence is right in his predictions.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I’ve reached my heaviest poundage to date. I’m at about 212 lbs, which is technically about 8 pounds less than I want to be. Though I’m sure my dreads carry a few pounds in them, so I may have about 10 or so pounds to go. I’d like to be 220. My 6 foot 4 frame evens the weight out luckily, but you can tell if you look closely. Haha! No more abs …but they’ll be back…I hope. Of course my weight is convertible weight, that I will need to turn to muscle here once our baby is born. But I’m ready, I’ve got the fuel to get me to where I want to be.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

4 foot plus wingspan

So my dreads measure in at an impresive 2 feet long...well not every single one but the longs ones all do. So when I pull them out to measure my wingspan, with my head being about 6 inches across, that makes 4 foot six inches or so. They feel so long on my back now...though they don't quite reach my booty yet.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Only a few weeks left

In two weeks the fetus my woman and I created will become "full-term", meaning that she could arrive from the womb at any time after that. I predict a late April/early May birth, however the fetus's mother predicts that she will go upon arriving at full term. Both predictions are close, so neither of us will be far off. I've never wanted to meet someone so bad. This pregnancy has been a cakewalk for me, for Rachel it has been a different sort of cake. The heavy, taking up body cavity space, waking up from sleep cause you're being kicked from the inside-out, managed to get even more beautiful and sexy cake. I love her so will be nice to be able to cuddle up with her and not worry about squishing a fetus. I can't wait to marry her. I can't wait to have this cute little family with a son and daughter and two smart, beautiful, loving parents. It sounds like bragging, but our kids will be very lucky! Both Rachel and I didn't come from "normal" nuclear families, and though it made us who we are today, I'm sure both of us would have rather had two positive parental figures in our lives.
Anyways...soon a post of size weight and cuteness will be up.

Friday, March 27, 2009

20 Questions

1.When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I knew I wanted to work with animals in some way. Vet, scientist, paleontologist, etc. That’s why I got ended up getting a biology degree.

2. What have you done in the past week to help someone else?
I helped carry in a few big water bottles in for the tattoo parlor I went to.

3. Who is the best-dressed person you know?

4. What is on your nightstand?

clock, magazines, pictures of Hawaii, money

5. If you were a cat, what kind of a cat would you be?

Orange Tabby

6. If you lived in a house surrounded by acres of trees, what particular type of tree would you want flourishing on your land?
plumeria, they smell soooo fucking good

7. What do you find to be very overrated?
rock and roll

8. How many email addresses do you have?


9. Have you ever felt replaced?

10. Would you rather watch football or baseball?
football, though both are fun to play, baseball is boring to watch for me

11. What is the wallpaper on your phone?
Me and my babymomma

12. Name a lyric from the song you're listening to.
Fuck land, I’m on a boat motha fucker,
Fuck trees, I climb buoys motha fucker.
I’m on the deck with my boys motha fucker
The boat engine makes noise motha fucker.

13. Do you use a feed reader?

14. What chocolate do you always leave in the box?
walnutted ones and ones with “fruit” shit in them

15. What would you do if you found out your ex is engaged?
wonder how much money he makes

16. Do words hurt you?

Yes, too often.

17. Are you a talker or a listener? Is it ever possible to really be both?

I am both actually

18. Have you ever walked on the beach at night?

so many times…it’s a magical experience when the moon is out, especially while in Hawaii.

19. Who is your favorite professional athlete?
Alex Puccio, Nicky Dyal, Collette McInerney, Uriah Faver, Tony Hawk, depends on the sport I guess.

20. Which TV show have you seen pretty much every episode of?
there’s probably not one…

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My first Ink Up

I did it...I got my first tattoo...finally after all these years. And it came out great!! I went with the Hawaiian Island Chain idea from the list I posted earlier.
The addiction has already formed...they should just do a "first one's free" method, because the return will be there. I already see an ocean themed left arm.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wow 5ish weeks to go

Now the baby is 35 weeks old…which in fetal years is about 90 or so. She’s getting the last fattening stages completed and now she getting big. Her space is very limited inside the womb and her movements in there are fun to watch and feel. Her kidneys are fully developed now, and her liver can process some waste products. On average, fetusi of her age are around 5-6 lbs and are around 18 inches long…though she’s mine so she’s probably like 20 inches or longer. I’m curious as to how tall she will become upon completing her growth when she’s all grown up.
Its truly amazing to feel that her arrival is so eminent. Soon I will be able to hold her in my arms. I hope she likes me. Rachel says that I will never sleep the same…not from the lack of sleep in the beginning, but from the knowledge that they are here, and that something may happen to them. Perhaps this is a female thing. I will have to comment on that when I get to sleep next to her for the first time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last Monday my fiance and I attended a Hypnobirthing class at the University of Utah. This was the first of 5 classes explaining and teaching the Mognan Method of the style.
"We believe that every woman has within her the power to call upon her natural instincts to bring about the best possible birthing for her baby and herself"

-Marie F. Mongan

It boasts that less than half of the normal amounts of c-sections are required when using this method, and that 70% of vaginal births are unmedicated when using it. Those are great statistics as far as I'm concerned. Birthing vaginally is supposedly better for the baby, and creates a better connection. Mothers tend to be more in tune with the birth.
From what I'm used to hearing about births, they are painful and dreadful experiences. If Rachel can do this without extreme agony, and the methods and tools work, then I will be a very happy man, and I'm sure she will be a very happy woman as well. This will also allow me to be a bigger part of the birth experience. I will not only be able to catch the baby, but I will be responsible for keeping the peace and keeping her relaxed. I can do that!
The concept of HypnoBirthing is not new, but rather a "rebirth" of the philosophy of birthing as it existed thousands of years ago and as it was recaptured in the work of Dr. Grantly Dick-Read(odd name for an OB), an English obstetrician, who, in the 1920s, was one of the first to forward the concept of natural birthing. The method teaches you that, in the absence of fear and tension, or special medical circumstances, severe pain does not have to be an accompaniment of labor.
When I think of hypnosis, my mind flies towards the old hypnotist with a swinging pocket-watch, telling people they are getting sleepy. They describe the effects as less of a trance and more that it will be similar to daydreaming, or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or a movie or staring into a fire. I'll admit that at first I was a skeptic. And I still have these feelings like, well what if she forgets to use the methods or it all just goes out the door and she reverts to being afraid of the pain. I think the class will quell my nervousness and will expand both of our abilities to deal with pain in general. I could see myself using the techniques if I ever broke a bone in the backcountry orif I was with someone that was seriously injured, maybe I could help ease their pain a bit.
I will update more as the class progresses!
there are a few great videos on youtube if you just search for hypnobirth.

Monday, February 23, 2009

31 weeks and counting

So my babygirl has like 9 weeks or so to go. Her mother and her are putting the final touches on her skeleton and brain connections. Fetal growth is adding around a half pound a week...she should be around 3.5 lbs or so right now. Everything still looks great for both mama and unborn. We have been gathering all the baby's stuff she will need...crib, bedding, play pen, shelves, clothes, clothes, clothes, diapers, swing, bibs, diaper genie, clothes, nursing pillows, etc. Babies require a lot of stuff. Makes me curious as to what our way-back ancestors did for their babies. Like caveman style. Did they fashion swings and cribs? Did they have cloth diaper service? Bottles? I often wonder about what they did for everything. How well did they understand pregnancy? Pain medication? Diaper genies? Sure would be interesting to learn about that, if its a possibility.
I just found a book that I need to check out, "Caveman's Guide to Baby's First Year "
I'll review it if I get it.

Now we just need to agree on a name...we have some great ideas, but still have yet to decide. We stopped thinking that Mattis or Mattie was a good idea, but Rachel still seems to call her that when she is talking about her :) We will figure it out though just wait and see.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fetal Progress

Everything is going great on the unborn front. Rachel is healthy, though the third trimester rarely treats a woman nicely. :) But she is being a trooper about it. We are looking at a late April - early May type birth. Which makes for not so much times to get completely ready, but we're working on that. One part of the transition that will be interesting, is the fact that Davynn gets a new baby sister. He's kinda the spot-lighted head-of-the-show type (in a good way though) So, he might take the baby as a bad addition to the show. (Like the red-head on Different Strokes) I'm not worried about major sibling rivalry or anything, but he might feel as though our attentions have changed focus. I will be trying my best to include him in everything, and be very attentive to his wants and needs. It may strengthen our bond, since mom will be boobing it up with the lil one. Of course I'll want to feed the baby too, though not in the same beautiful manner as my woman. It will be a delicate balance for all three of us.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nourishment - not for the weak at heart. Kinda Gross.

So I was thinking about the nourishment that my unborn baby is getting from her mom right now. Many of the food items that Rachel eats, will go to the baby's needs. So, then I was thinking about what about when she swallows my baby batter, the same stuff that makes the baby. The protein in that must go towards making the baby. Interesting to think about...then I was thinking about my girl's breast milk. When I drink that, it nourishes me, probably to make more baby batter. So that's kind of a recycling system. She nourishes me with milk that is made because of the baby inside her, I nourish her with the stuff that made the baby in the first place, the baby gets nourished. The same will go for when my baby is suckling, and the like. Any one else find this interesting, or am I just weird?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

My dogs

So on January 28th, 2009, my two wonderful dogs, Kingston and Selassie turned the 11. They were born back in 1998, brother and sister, and I got them when I was 18. They have had such a great life. I moved out to San Diego when they were still puppies, so they got to live at the beach for a while. I took them hiking almost everyday until they were 6 or 7, and then still on lots of hikes. They got to see all of Utah. Camped hundreds of nights in the wilderness. Played in avalanches. Found skunks a fun adversary. Found out why porcupines are not food. So, they got to see lots. It doesn't seem like they are slowing down anytime soon either. Selassie, my female, used to be an avid rock scrambler and all-round bad ass bitch. Four or five years ago she had to have both of her knees replaced due to torn acl's. They did TPL surgery on both of her hind legs. Since then she has been a little more reserved, but still rough-houses with her big brother all the time. Kingston might be loosing his vision, but he's still okay.
I love them in amazing amounts, so I thought I'd write a quick blog about how cool they are.
Happy belated Birfdays guys!!!
Kingston is the big black boi.
Selassie is the lil black and white gyal.
Mash it up.

Winter Outdoor Retailer Show 2009

Another Winter Outdoor notch to add to my belt. This one was a tad bit slower and smaller than the ones in the past. But it was still a nice show overall. I had my usual 15 or so appointments to meet with clients from around my territory. I ran into the usualy suspects that inhabit the Salt Palace during these four outdoor gear filled days. Its interesting how I only see certain people at these shows. The industry is a beautiful one though. I've dedicated over 10 years of my life to various outdoor jobs. I was a manufacturer at Black Diamond for a year. I ran Rockreation, a local climbing gym for a couple of years, including setting gym routes and boulder problems. I worked 6 years at a local gear shop called Recreation Outlet. And now as of lately, I have earned myself almost 2 years at Liberty Mountain. So I've done it all from making the gear, selling the gear, buying the gear (for myself and companies) and repping the gear.

The OR show is always a load of fun. My son and beautiful fiance were able to come and enjoy a few parts of the days. I was able to drink a few brews.
I added pictures of me and Davynn.

Add you favorite Outdoor Retailer Show experience

Monday, January 19, 2009

Future Tats

I'm writing this out because I've had tatoo ideas floating around in my head for most of my life and have yet to put them to ink. It's not a commitment thing, or a money thing(though that's putting them on hold currently ). For a while my excuse was that my body might grow either from eating a lot or getting buffed out. But I now understand that your skin can stretch and not do too much damage, at least not from the amount of bulk I'd put on. My pregnant girl has a tat on her lower stomach that is feeling the fetal pressures, but still looks great. So now my excuse is that I need to find an artist that could bring my visions to life correctly (how do I get Kat Von D now...hmm?) and I need to finalize where they would go. I like the forearm, shoulder, chest, leg, foot, and upper back ideas. And so I need to chose which idea for which area.

Here's the list that I no particular order.

1. a Lion...I would like a large male lion, perhaps with a family that represents mine, i.e a female lioness, a juvenile male, and a juvenile female. But then my kids will grow up, so...I'm a little lost on the best way to represent them. I feel the lion idea works because they are family oriented and the lion is my power animal.

2. the Hawaiian Island Chain...I was born on Kauai and those islands feel like my true home. So its only right that they find a home on me. As of now I'd like the chain to start high on my forearm with the big island and then go up and around onto my biceps, like you would see it on a map.

3. a cuttlefish...dude, it's the smartest invertebrate out there. If you've never seen a video of how cool they are, I suggest youtubing that shit right now...its fucking awesome. They are said to have more intelligence then most birds and many small mammals. And they're cephlapods, which means their closest relatives are squids, octopi, and the nautilus

4. a plumeria...this is my favorite flower. They have the most pleasant scent, and when a whole tree is in bloom, its one of the most beautiful, good smelling, scene that nature can throw at you. It also goes along with my Hawaiian islands dealy.

5. the Wastach Front mountain range...Salt Lake has been my home for a good chunk of my life, and this mountain range has been a backdrop to my world the entire time. Along with that, I've spent countless hours climbing, playing, hiking, camping, skiing, boarding, and living in these mountains, so they hold a special meaning to me.

I included pictures so you'd have a better idea of what I'm talking about...these aren't what is going to ink, but something similar.