Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My baby girl is a Velociraptor

I’m beginning to think that my baby girl is part velociraptor. She makes noises and claws the air just like a raptor baby would do. Like when she’s nursing or sucking on the pacifier, she makes grunty dinosaur noises that make me wonder. I half expect her to get on her hinds legs and tuck her arms up and run around cackling at everything that moves. Perhaps when she can walk…anyways, I just thought I should put that out there. Anyone else have a raptor baby?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Liberty Mountain

I wanted to throw up my current employer, Liberty Mountain, for being such a great company to work for, especially when times is hard. The industry is keeping steady, and people must be in the outdoors more cuz bizness is sweet. That might be a bad thing, for more bodies are taking up trail space, but its all good as long as people are being respectful.
Check out and . on the pro site you can see a cool pic of me climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Props to the owner Gary Heward for being a standup guy and running a good show!

Louis Logic

Last night I had the chance to see one of the underrated Emcees around right now, Louis Logic. Though the crowd was tiny, he seemed into the show and his style and rhymes were amazing. I'm a big fan of the dude, so I hope he keeps rock rockin it.
check out to hear some of his music and what not. Big ups Logic!! aka the Drunken Dragon.