Monday, February 23, 2009

31 weeks and counting

So my babygirl has like 9 weeks or so to go. Her mother and her are putting the final touches on her skeleton and brain connections. Fetal growth is adding around a half pound a week...she should be around 3.5 lbs or so right now. Everything still looks great for both mama and unborn. We have been gathering all the baby's stuff she will need...crib, bedding, play pen, shelves, clothes, clothes, clothes, diapers, swing, bibs, diaper genie, clothes, nursing pillows, etc. Babies require a lot of stuff. Makes me curious as to what our way-back ancestors did for their babies. Like caveman style. Did they fashion swings and cribs? Did they have cloth diaper service? Bottles? I often wonder about what they did for everything. How well did they understand pregnancy? Pain medication? Diaper genies? Sure would be interesting to learn about that, if its a possibility.
I just found a book that I need to check out, "Caveman's Guide to Baby's First Year "
I'll review it if I get it.

Now we just need to agree on a name...we have some great ideas, but still have yet to decide. We stopped thinking that Mattis or Mattie was a good idea, but Rachel still seems to call her that when she is talking about her :) We will figure it out though just wait and see.

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