Monday, January 19, 2009

Future Tats

I'm writing this out because I've had tatoo ideas floating around in my head for most of my life and have yet to put them to ink. It's not a commitment thing, or a money thing(though that's putting them on hold currently ). For a while my excuse was that my body might grow either from eating a lot or getting buffed out. But I now understand that your skin can stretch and not do too much damage, at least not from the amount of bulk I'd put on. My pregnant girl has a tat on her lower stomach that is feeling the fetal pressures, but still looks great. So now my excuse is that I need to find an artist that could bring my visions to life correctly (how do I get Kat Von D now...hmm?) and I need to finalize where they would go. I like the forearm, shoulder, chest, leg, foot, and upper back ideas. And so I need to chose which idea for which area.

Here's the list that I no particular order.

1. a Lion...I would like a large male lion, perhaps with a family that represents mine, i.e a female lioness, a juvenile male, and a juvenile female. But then my kids will grow up, so...I'm a little lost on the best way to represent them. I feel the lion idea works because they are family oriented and the lion is my power animal.

2. the Hawaiian Island Chain...I was born on Kauai and those islands feel like my true home. So its only right that they find a home on me. As of now I'd like the chain to start high on my forearm with the big island and then go up and around onto my biceps, like you would see it on a map.

3. a cuttlefish...dude, it's the smartest invertebrate out there. If you've never seen a video of how cool they are, I suggest youtubing that shit right now...its fucking awesome. They are said to have more intelligence then most birds and many small mammals. And they're cephlapods, which means their closest relatives are squids, octopi, and the nautilus

4. a plumeria...this is my favorite flower. They have the most pleasant scent, and when a whole tree is in bloom, its one of the most beautiful, good smelling, scene that nature can throw at you. It also goes along with my Hawaiian islands dealy.

5. the Wastach Front mountain range...Salt Lake has been my home for a good chunk of my life, and this mountain range has been a backdrop to my world the entire time. Along with that, I've spent countless hours climbing, playing, hiking, camping, skiing, boarding, and living in these mountains, so they hold a special meaning to me.

I included pictures so you'd have a better idea of what I'm talking about...these aren't what is going to ink, but something similar.

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