Friday, April 3, 2009

Only a few weeks left

In two weeks the fetus my woman and I created will become "full-term", meaning that she could arrive from the womb at any time after that. I predict a late April/early May birth, however the fetus's mother predicts that she will go upon arriving at full term. Both predictions are close, so neither of us will be far off. I've never wanted to meet someone so bad. This pregnancy has been a cakewalk for me, for Rachel it has been a different sort of cake. The heavy, taking up body cavity space, waking up from sleep cause you're being kicked from the inside-out, managed to get even more beautiful and sexy cake. I love her so will be nice to be able to cuddle up with her and not worry about squishing a fetus. I can't wait to marry her. I can't wait to have this cute little family with a son and daughter and two smart, beautiful, loving parents. It sounds like bragging, but our kids will be very lucky! Both Rachel and I didn't come from "normal" nuclear families, and though it made us who we are today, I'm sure both of us would have rather had two positive parental figures in our lives.
Anyways...soon a post of size weight and cuteness will be up.

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