Friday, April 17, 2009

Patiently Waiting

The anticipation is killing me…where is she . I’m referring to my unborn. Though her due date is April 30th, 2009, she has dropped down in the birth path, and her mother is dilated to about a 2 now. She keeps thinking that it could be any second. I’m thinking it will be this Saturday…but really, who knows. Our little baby could hold up until she’s at 40 weeks, for all I know. Oh and I believe we finally decided on a name…but I won’t actually write it in until it’s a final.
Ahh…well all I can do is wait now.
Tick Tick baby…something big is supposed to happen around the 19th of April, 2009, according to Terrence McKenna’s Novelty or Time-Wave Zero theory. I’m thinking that its my baby. My dad’s wife still has yet to deliver her baby too. My half-sibling that is. So perhaps my girl and her are going to synchronize their labor…even though they have never met before…they still have similar genetics in their wombs. If they both show up on the 19th, then I will believe that Terrence is right in his predictions.

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