Monday, January 12, 2009

Turned into a fiancé

Over the New Year's transition, I turned myself into a fiancé. Though Rachel asked me to marry her back on July 13th, 2008(6 days after we met for the first time), we just made it official with a bling and everything. I'm so glad she said yes! The marriage won't happen until the Year of the Tiger...which is 2010.

I'm so excited to have met my match. She's the one who is just enough like me to make it work, but then our differences make everything wonderful. What the other brings in, balances the other and vice versa. I started saying that "We don't always see eye to eye, but that's because I'm a foot taller, so that can be hard."

I've never been engaged before...for that matter, I've never even wanted to be engaged to anyone...sorry ex gf's. And with Rachel I knew right away. I've never found anyone I wanted to have kids with either, and after a few days of knowing each other we were already planning on going 50/50 on one. That's how I know she's the right one...that and she's just fantastic. I'm in love with everything about her.

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