Thursday, December 4, 2008

And she becomes revealed

So the latest ultrasound has revealed that we are having a little girl!!! Which means all of our feelings and hunches were correct. Interestingly, it also makes the Chinese Conception calendar go Chinese Emperor dudes! She is so freaking adorable, and I think she got her mom's nose, so thank Jah or genetics...yeah them :).

The ultrasound lady put her due date as April 30th, making Rachel 19 weeks deep.

I was really hoping that it would be a little girl, so I am so fucking excited its ridiculous.

This is such a great thing...this baby was made with intention and real love. And though we only knew each other a few weeks before we found out, I knew she was the one on the first day I met her. It was so obvious to my sub-conscious. Consiously, I had a harder time convincing myself, just based on people usually thinking we're crazy when they find out how we went about our relationship. But I knew, after the first hug, that she was not the average girl I've met before. Rachel has an endless potential for greatness that radiates from her eyes and body. This baby will have a wonderful mother and a wonderful family to join. Tobin, Rachel, Davynn, and Mattis.

I'm pretty sure we've decided on Mattis Marley
I will write more as the baby grows...

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