Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter bouldering at the Cabage Patch in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT

I've always wanted to do have a winter bouldering photo shoot. Now, thanks to Julie Harman of Juliz Photography, I was able to make this happen. Julie was willing an ready to anything it took to get a great shot, including sitting on a snowy wet boulder. There's just something about bouldering being a three season sport, that when you throw snow and cold into the mix, it makes for a great ambiance. The spot we chose was the Cabage Patch up in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Home of the Dean Problem, Fat Albert, the Double Dyno, and more classic granite problems. None of these shots show anything difficult or crazy, but I like they way they turned out. Especialy the one where my hand is close and there's snow right by it. It was a great time hanging with Julie and Aaron Fox (my co-worker and fellow blogist). Also, we were joined by my family, my lovely future wife Rachel and son Davynn, who added to the laughter and enjoyment. I hope to have Aaron and Julie from Juliz around for more climbing adventures. I respect the camera, and hope to apply myself into a hobby of sorts for myself...as soon as I can afford a nice camera.

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McLovin said...

That was a fun, cold, awesome day! I just hope we can get out and find some good spots...and not have to just climb in the "cave" at work. I'm glad you've been blogified! Kudos Julie!