Friday, December 5, 2008

Give me my daily coffee

I just wanted to write a quick few lines about my morning coffee. I love this sweet awakening that I am allowed to savor. The dark brown liquid is kept at its natual color and flavor. See that stein of it up there? That's sugarless, creamless, and oh so delicious. Along with that I must chill the coffee to well below room temperature. A common practice is to place the stein or mug into the freezer for 1.5 hours. This will freeze the top layer, and deep chill the rest. Most of the time I will place a mug filled to the brim in the freezer, and then take a mug with ice cubes and coffee to my desk whilst the other one freezes. Though this results in a watered down first cup, that really just gets me ready for the next. Recently, I lost that stein, and had to move to the nice red lacks the capacity of the stein, but it adds more control to my sipping. Now this morning ritual isn't required...or to say, I'm not an addict. I just love the way the bitterness fills my blood with stimulation...I could drink a Super Big Gulp of this stuff. So share me your thoughts and stories about you morning rituals. I won't judge you.

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