Friday, August 27, 2010

day 3 of the master cleanse

today started out great!
i had extra energy and again was amazed at what the body can do with no food.
i do seem to be easier to get cranky. but i get out of it quick.
by 8 or 9 though, i was really hungry! really really hungry...i didnt give in to temptation and instead tried the salt water flush. oh my! chugging the salt water was awful...then 40 minutes later i felt disgusting. then everything just came out. i felt bloated in the abdomen and generally just not good.
in my head though, i know its for the good cause of cleansing my systems. and i do feel that the toxins are leaving.
i decided today that im going to see how tomorrow goes and if i cant stand it ill ease my way back into a regular diet.
still at 214 but i look a lot thinner...hopefully i can put the weight back when this is over.

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