Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mistaken Glance

Mistaken Glance
Shawty checking style so I made advance
Stepped to her, but it seems that I mistook her glance
Eyes rolled up, showed me her back
Did not admit defeat, just strengthened my attack
“Hey Gorgeous, what are you about?”
“You don’t wanna be here, when my man comes out!”
Her smile indicated jokes and that she enjoyed my plan
Gave me her hand and I helped her stand.
Dark like a fresh cup of coffee no cream
Two sugars, so sweet, percolating my dream
Caffeinated melody, high octane supreme
Expression reaction made frothy with steam
Vision correct, now my interest provoked
The scene painted smooth
Knew it was the right groove
Brush strokes insisted that I made the right move
Before this rain starts pouring
Pull those out and start exploring
The reasons for that to get these in
Getting hott but your ears are freezin
Like the Queen and this be the hive with bees in
Soldier style, not worker, but I’ll work for you
Bring the honey to the pot, so it won’t hurt for you
Sting your most sensitive spot
The buzz from Patron is getting you got
Sweetest dark berry on the bush
Juicy flow jiggles round on the push
Eyes half mast, pounded on the Kush
Puffing light sugar trees, don’t tell, shush
It must be the ass
That’s got me all hot
You know what I mean
Cuz you’re clappin what you got
And don’t stop
Even if you did that ass wouldn’t
Let’s connect waistlines
Place my hands where I shouldn’t
Dominating dance floors seems like your pastime
Let’s get all Jamaican and begin a fast wine.
You put it in the air
Fly dress, flyness looking so debonaire.
Get in the place that cause jealousy
I could stay there all night, but let us see
Contentment all around, so this must be
The most beautiful place, you got to trust me.

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Average Terran said...

Fantastic! I would be truly honored if you gave your poetic advice on my blogs of poetry and if you like follow them I would greatly appreciate it.